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Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 2014-02-09

Check the result of the Abstracts and the Guidelines for Poster Presentation at your restricted area, enter with your login and password



Thematic Area

» Addiction
» Learning
» Dementias
» Movement Disorders
» Schizophrenia
» Genetics and Behavior
» Memory
» Neurogenetics
» Neuroimaging
» Neurobiology of Emotions and Behavior
» Personality Disorders
» Basic Research in Neurosciences
» Psychopharmacology
» Sleep Medicine
» Cognitive Therapy
» Eating Disorders
» Functional Neurosurgery
» Cerebrovascular Diseases
» Others


Instructions for abstract submission

1) Register. Fees do not have to be paid at the time of registration; payment may be made after acceptance of your abstract has been confirmed.
2) Log in using the username and password that you have selected during registration. Other menus will appear on the left of the screen.
3) Click “My Abstracts”.
4) Follow the instructions on the screen to access the abstract submission form. Fill in all fields of the online form.
5) Choose the type of presentation.
6) After submitting abstracts, click "Log out".
7) After submitting the abstract, the submitting author will receive an email confirming the information provided. Please, check that all information is correct If you wish to make corrections, you can log back into the system and the necessary changes (up to the deadline for submission of abstracts – see Important Information).
8) If you do not receive the automatic email confirming submission on the same day, the abstract was not sent correctly. In this case, send an email to reporting your technical issue.
9) To access our web page again, just use your username and password. In case you do not remember your login data, use the “forgot your password?” option at the top of the page.

Important Information:

• The deadline for abstract submission is: 2014-02-09
• The ABSTRACTS must be submitted only in English.
• The first author or one of the coauthors must have already registered for the event.
• After receiving confirmation of acceptance, the person that submitted the abstract should confirm payment of registration fees up to 2014-03-31.
• All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.
• Only one certificate will be issued for each abstract presented. Certificates of Presentation are issued following the order in which authors registered.
• On 2014-03-05, abstract acceptance will be published in the “My Abstracts” link of the submission site (author log in).
• The decision of the Scientific Committee is final, irrevocable, can not be appealed, and shall not be revised.


Instructions for abstract preparation

• The abstract should not have more than 2500 characters including spaces;
• The abstract should be structured, objective and concise, providing essential information under each heading. Suggested headings: introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusion;
• The abstract contents should be associated with the topic selected (see list above);
• Graphs and tables will not be accepted;
• All the instructions above also apply to poster submissions;
• Results reported using statements such as “results will be presented” or “data will be analyzed” will not be accepted.
• Each author may submit up to three abstract.


Lundbeck Research Incentive Award


“Lundbeck Research Incentive Award”

1. The objective of the Lundbeck Research Incentive Award is to stimulate research in Neurosciences;
2. All paper submitted to the event will compete for the award;
3. The Judging Committee of the Award will be nominated by the Scientific Committee of the Event;
5. The Judging Committee set the following criteria for evaluation of the papers:
Relevance of the Topic
6. The judging committee will choose the five (5) best papers.
7. It will not be possible to appeal from the decision of the judging committee regarding the evaluation of the papers.
8. Cases not covered by these Rules shall be interpreted and judged by the Judging Committee.
9. The five (5) best papers will be granted the Lundbeck Research Incentive Award, and the prize will be USD 4000 (four thousand dollars) for each best paper.


Guidelines for abstracts approved

First of all, we would like to thank you for submitting your abstracts for the World Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions 2014.

To check the result of the abstracts you must go through the following steps:
- Access the event website (
- Log into your restricted area with your login and password
- Click on "My Abstracts"
- Beside the title of your(s) abstract(s) you will find the results of the evaluation.

Guidelines for poster abstracts approved:

The number of your panel is available in your restricted area. This number is very important, it indicates exactly the place that you have to affix your abstract.

Click here to check the rules for approved abstracts for poster.

Guidelines for oral presentation:

Information about oral presentation such as date, time and room are available in your restricted area.
You will have 5 minutes to present your abstract and 2 minutes for questions;
You must deliver your slide presentation at the media desk 2 hours before your presentations time or on the day before. It is not necessary to fabricate poster.

For more information please contact


Dear Congress Attendees!

Congress certificates are already available!
Click here to access the printing area.

Published abstracts

Check the approved abstracts of Brain 2014
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Abstracts for download

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